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Hey! Congratulation you have found my site. I bet all of you are parents who struggle to find solution how to live healthily. I’m here to help.

My name Is Mars Lupine. I just graduated from a university in Malaysia on June 2017. My life goal is to help people. So I’ve list out some problem that people facing in daily lives and try to make solution. One of the thing that I list out is unhealthy parents. I’ve heard a lot of parents complain they cannot maintain their health anymore. Yeah, my parents as well. Both of my parents have diabetes and even though now they have time to preserve their health, they don’t have the abilities to change their habit anymore. Because they have live like that for like 20++ years. I love them so much because they can sacrifice their lives for me. However, I do hope they can live healthily.

Parents and exercise seem like mutually exclusive things. From the moment you start the journey of parenthood, you cannot make your health as first priority anymore. With the busy schedule of work in the morning and not so much time in the evening because you need to look after your baby, of course you cannot find a time to get fit. Exercise become a difficult thing to do as a parent. Even people who used to exercise consistently before join the ‘parent club’ find it is difficult to keep the habit. Well, at least when I become a parent someday, I want to keep 50% of my healthy habit. I hope so.

So after I list out all the problems, I’ve decided to come out with a blog that helps all parents out there. I may not expert, not yet a parent. But I don’t want to see any parents live in a bad habit. Your blood pressure, your sugar intake, your weight balance are all important factor to determine your life afterwards. Your children will always need you. Me too, I always need them. So please, take care of yourself.

My goal is to serve for parents now is not to be thin or get your ideal shape. That’s require a lot of hardwork. My goal however serves most important thing, YOUR HEALTH. If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mars Lupine


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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thanks for your post and for deciding to help other people fix their health issues! As a man, I have always observed that my wife’s health has never got better ever since she started giving birth and nursing babies. I have also noticed that she has been having sleepless night because of the little baby she’s currently nursing. How can she manage that situation without having health issues at all?

    1. Indeed Israel. I always see my parents having problem with their sleep as well. I believe during their times, people are not so much concern about their own health rather only think about their baby. I don’t want that to be happen in our current times. They need to remember all child need their parents to be healthy. I hope you can alert this to your wife too.

  2. To be honest, i found this as quite impressive and informative as for mommies specifically or parents generally to open up their mind and think of ways they could do in order to benefit everyone in their families, not only the babies.

    I’ve met one whom would do anything for the sake of maintaining her health. Now, she got a lovely child and whenever I read all these, i suddenly remembered her. She should be happy to know this.

    I bet this website deserve more likers and followers. More spread. More viral. Towards a healthy society.

    1. Exactly Sakeena. I’d heard one quote said, the greatest gift we can gift to our family is our health. It gives long term benefit to the family. Healthy child is necessary but not sufficient enough.

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