Are jogging strollers safe for your infant?


Workout and babysit kind of cool if they are able to be combined. You can strengthen your bond with your baby and at the same time you can maintain your fitness. But, the question is, is it really safe for your infant to be in jogging stroller? You don’t want to do something that will cost your baby life, right?

Yes, mama. It’s safe. It’s a win-win situation if you done it properly. in 2013 has estimated that the number of jogging stroller’s sale will be doubled in two years and we can see that estimation has been proved to be correct. You can even see in your park nowadays, there are a lot of parents who enjoy their workout routine with their toddlers. If the idea of having jogging stroller is absurd, why the number of users raise year by year? You don’t have to look the statistics number, just see what you can see around you.

So if you are a parent struggling to find a time to run during the day, just don’t despair to do it. And in order to do it, the most important thing you need to have is running buggies or jogging stroller that designed to serve the purpose. And you need to learn when your baby will be old enough to have strong neck, head and spinal control necessary to prevent injury. To make it simple, here the basic things you need to know!

What is the best jogging strollers for your infant?

Actually it depends on yourself whether you are serious runner or not. If you are a serious runner, the best jogging stroller is the one who fulfill all these traits:

  • Fixed front wheel

If you intend to run, it’s better to have fixed front wheel because this kind of wheel are made to be able to roll over hard surfaces like road and grass so your baby will not bump so much along the path. And if you want to make it more safe, it is recommended to lift up your stroller a bit when you met a bend road.

Stroller that gives us option to lock and unlock front wheel is not suitable for a serious runner. If you are the one who use stroller just to walk down the park or do a small running, then you can consider to have both feature in one stroller. But if you are hardcore runner and you want to have high intensity run, you must have fixed front wheel stroller because it will be a lot easier for you to control the stroller and it will be less bumpy.

  • Bigger wheels

The bigger the wheels the better. At least you need to ensure the wheels size has 16+ inches in the rear and 12+ inches in the front. However, it is recommended for serious runner to have 20 inch wheel size in the rear and 16 inches in the front. This is actually doubled the size of regular stroller. It is vital because larger wheel resulted with less bump and less stress for baby.

  • Larger gap between front and rear wheel

Front wheel need to be away with baby’s center of gravity so that when bounce happen it will not transfer much to the baby.

As I said earlier, it actually depends on you. There’s no absolute answer. Are you are a hardcore runner or not? And if you are, there are still plenty type of hardcore runner. You might need to consider feature like handbrake if you are runner at the hills. Hence, there are a lot of other feature you need to consider and the best thing is to ask yourself what goal you want to be and then you should consider the suitable feature.

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At what age we can use jogging strollers?

A lot of pediatricians said you should at least wait your infants turned 6 months old. But it’s better for you to make it 8 months. I know now you can see a lot of mum do it much earlier so do noted that if you want to start early, you should consult your pediatricians to know whether your baby already has a strong neck to start. But if you are the one who enjoy the workout routine, cut the session as early as you can.

You should also consult your GP to know whether your body are ready for heavy workout. A mum who recovered from caesarean require a lot more time to recover as compared to normal birth. High-impact workout can affect your joints few months after workout, so be careful.

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