Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller Review – 2018

Product Review

Looking for economic jogging stroller?

You might asks whether you can get the best stroller with such economic price

But you really out of budget to find the quality one.

No worries, dear.

I’m telling you one thing. This is the law of everything you want to buy.

Price not necessarily define quality.

You can still own a quality jogging stroller even when you run out the budget.

This is one of budget jogging stroller you should totally look forward to and put in your buying list:

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller 


  • Swivel front wheel / lock when run
  • Five-point harness
  • Multi-position seat / tether strap
  • Rubber handle bar
  • Child tray with two cup holders
  • Parent tray with two cup holders
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Peak-a-boo window
  • Footrest reflectors


Can Baby Trend Range Jogger give the best ride?

YES. It can give smooth and effortless ride.

This stroller was designed to be all-terrain survival. Many users use this stroller for multiple purpose. Without any problem, you can use it to go for a walk in the park, shop in the malls, and run in woodsy area.

You can treat this stroller as your only stroller.

The best thing is they used air-filled tires which is similar to bicycle wheels. This type of tires were made to gave you smoother and less bumpy ride.

The dark side of this tires is that it is deflated when you get them. You might have problem to inflate it if you don’t have experience. It actually has been explained in manual, but to make it easy I recommend you to use bike tire pump or just pump it at the gas station.

What is the weight of Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller?

The weight as stated by manufacturer is 28.8 lbs.

I will say it’s quite heavy but not extremely heavy. If you compare this stroller with other Baby Trend stroller, this stroller is at average weight. But you will feel it’s heavy because jogging stroller was made heavy.

Generally, heavier stroller can give you smoother ride. But if you really think the weight will be a problem for you and you want light jogging stroller with economic price, I will definitely recommend Schwinn Discover Single Swivel Stroller

 Is Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller bulky?

 Yes, it occupies A LOT of spaces.

And it still bulky even when it’s folded up, so you probably can’t just pop it in your trunk easily. It will occupies a lot of space. Hint: This stroller can fit in Toyota Camry’s trunk

If this concern you much, you need to consider other jogging stroller with smaller dimension . You can take a look at InStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller

The good news is it extremely easy to fold it. You can just pull on the red button and it starts to fold. So it might help you a bit to save your time to put this stroller in your trunk.

Which car seat suitable with Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller?

This stroller can accept all Baby Trend Infant Car Seats

If you have other car seat, you need to ask manufacturer ( here) whether you car seat can fit in with this stroller or not.

This stroller actually doesn’t clip in easily with any car seat. Frequently people asks me whether Chicco Key Fit can fit with this stroller. Well, it can but it doesn’t latch in well. You can put your car seat if you don’t plan to run with this stroller.

If you don’t have any car seat yet, I will definitely recommend you Baby Trend Flex Loc Car Seat. It’s cheaper and I assure you will LOVE the quality!

Why should you buy?

If you want to find economic jogging stroller with high quality and you want to make it your only stroller, THIS IS IT. This is your type of stroller.

It is easy to set up, only took 10 minutes to put together and you can use it immediately afterwards.

Despite of how cheap it is, it was made out of sturdy material and the most interesting thing is the real tires. A lot of cheaper strollers out there are made of plastic or foam but this stroller use air-filled tires which is exactly same with what bike tires are made of.

Because of its sturdy material, many users can still use it after a few years. Most of users said this stroller is durable even after five or six years.

Plus, your kids will be very comfortable with the seat. It can reclines completely to let your child sleeps and it also can sit up straight to give your child best view. If you bring your child to zoo or theme park, your child can enjoy the view when you keep the seat upright.

Your kids also will feel a lot of fun because there’s a lot of leg room for them and there is tray available for them. They can put their hand above the tray or you can put their snack there so they can grab their snack whenever they want. If they don’t feel comfortable with the tray, no worries, you can just set aside the tray and the problem will be settled.

Despite how bulky this stroller is, this stroller still can be use for air-travel.

If you always travel, this stroller not gonna be a big problem for you. But do remember that this stroller probably will be a problem if you travel by small car. You need to ask the manufacturer (here) whether this stroller can easily fit your trunk or else you should choose other stroller ( My suggestion – here)

Why shouldn’t you buy?

  • This stroller is really BIG NO NO FOR TALL PARENTS.

The maximum of your height will be 6’2. If you are way taller than that, you might have hard time to handle this stroller. The handle bar is not adjustable so there is no hope for you to feel comfortable with it. ( See here to see the best stroller for tall parents)

  • You might have problem to set up the tires.

As I said earlier, they used air-filled tires where you need to pump the tire by yourself.

If you don’t know how to do it, you will feel its wheel a little bit shakes and wobbly when you run. The manual actually has stated how to pump it and fix the problem but if you still have problem, then you need to go to tire shop to fix this.

If you want to make it more sturdy, you can buy Bell Solid Tube Bicycle Inner Tire Tube from Amazon. It will be totally worth for any stroller that you bought. You don’t have to pump a lot when you use this.

  • Not suitable for hikers

It doesn’t have brakes for stop and slow down the movement of your stroller. It cannot help you to control your stroller when you go uphills and downhills so I don’t recommend this stroller for hikers. ( See here to see the best stroller for hikers with economic budget)

If you not gonna hike with this stroller, brakes will not be much problem with you. There are little red brackets above each back wheel. You can just push them down with your foot to park the stroller so it can’t roll any longer.

How can I get the best offers for this stroller?

I had survey all place over the internet and I assured you that THE BEST PLACE TO BUY THIS STROLLER is Amazon.

But, how can I get even cheaper price?

You can Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry and you can get up 15% Completion Discount on any eligible baby item from most baby shop in this world!

You can also get longer days to return your items purchased and a lot of free item.

Click here to get this offer!

I really keen to know your experience and what do you think about this stroller. And if you have any question about any stroller, you can drop your comments below or email at

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