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Looking for a jogging stroller but you don’t have enough money?

Try to find the cheap one but you doubt about the quality?

Well, I cannot assure for the quality for any strollers but one thing you must take note that :

Price not necessarily define quality.

There’s a lot of platform to look for the cheapest stroller. The best platform you SHOULD and Need to look at is Amazon and Walmart. No kidding, they give super cheap price. You can compare it by your self.

If you want to know how to get even cheaper price, I will explain it at the end of this article.

One of budget jogging stroller that I always recommend to people is Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller. Here’s why:

Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller 


  • Reclining, padded seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Child tray with 2 cup holders
  • Clip-on drink holder for parent
  • Front swivel wheel, lock when run
  • Luxurious polyester fabric for pad
  • Designed for a child between 6 and 50 lbs.
  • Maximum height for children : 42”


Can Baby Trend Xcel gives the best ride?

YES! I can definitely assure this stroller gives you the best ride.

Will it be work well on sand?

Will it be work well on cobblestone?

Will it be work well on rough road?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The wheels are big enough and filled with air which can traverse over all types of terrain.

You can ask your friend, you can check all the reviews in the internet, almost all users love the maneuverability ( Click here to check the reviews). Plus, your kids will definitely enjoy the ride with their back all the way down and covered with luxurious polyester fabric pad.


Is Baby Trend Xcel too large?

Yeah. It’s quite large but not extremely large.

Most of jogging stroller has its problem when it comes with size. If compared this stroller to other jogging stroller, this stroller actually not as big as what people talk about. It’s relatively small.

 The dimensions as stated is 21″W x 47″L x 41″H. It’s totally same size with Expedition. But I admit it still quite large.

Hint: It does not fit in Sedan if you don’t put off the wheel.

The problem comes if you opt to bring this stroller on the airplane. Although it folds completely, it’s too large for an overhead bin on an airplane. You need to check it first at the door outside.

If you always travel with your child, I discourage you to buy this stroller and choose other stroller instead. ( I suggest Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller )


 How about the weight of Baby Trend Xcel?

This is the good news for all of you. It’s SUPER LIGHT. 

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller is known to design budget-light stroller. This stroller actually not light as much as other Baby Trend jogging stroller, but you will be surprise by how comfortable and light your ride will be.  

The weight of this stroller as stated is 29 lbs. Still not light as Expedition but there’s not so much difference actually.

The best part is: Though this stroller is big, it’s easy to fold up. There are two gray pull tabs on each side of the stroller, just pull them up at the same time. You may find hard at first, but after you try it sometimes you will extremely happy by how easy it would be.

Another thing, it’s not gonna be bulky when it’s folded. The only big thing when it’s folded is the wheels. So if you put off the wheels, the size will no longer be your problem.


Can I use Baby Trend Xcel for everyday use?

Yes. It can go ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Its light, easy to fold up and not bulky. You can run on the pavement, hiked on a muddy mountain trail, walk in the park, shopped at the mall and more with it. The ride is extremely smooth even on rough road.

The best thing is, you can make this stroller as your only stroller

Which car seat suits Baby Trend Xcel?

Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat

This stroller accepts all type of Baby trend Car Seat.

For other type of car seats, you may ask the manufacturer if there is any adapter to fit in with your car seat. Some users said that this stroller actually quite universal. Even Chicco Keyfit 35 Car Seat can fit in with this stroller. But to play safe, you need to ask your manufacturer first.  

I can say that the best car seat to fit in with Baby Trend Xcel is the Baby Trend infant car itself. You can click here to see the car seats with the best offers.


Why should you buy?

If you want economic jogging stroller with high quality and could help you for basic running and shop at the mall – THIS GONNA BE YOUR STROLLER.

For me, price not necessarily define quality. There’s a lot of expensive jogging stroller out there are not actually compatible with its price. This stroller on the other hand gives good quality and cheaper price.

The material they are using for wheels is not plastic. They used real bicycle tires. It comes flat at first, you need to inflate it with air and you can enjoy the ride afterwards. No worries, it’s easy.

Your kids also will enjoy the seats. This stroller comes with adjustable, reclining, padded seat with 5-point safety harness. Your child can enjoy the view of the morning sunrise by making the seat upright. If they insist to sleep, you can make it flat completely and your kids will  comfortably sleep well. Plus, it has pads covered with soft and luxurious polyester to make your child feel safe and cozy.

Will all the feature stated above, you can save your money by keep only this stroller for multiple purpose.

Why shouldn’t you buy?


This stroller were designed for basic running, not for hardcore running. Hardcore runner should probably invest in bikes in the $100-200 range at least. Take note what I have said before, price not necessarily define quality. You can find a lot of cheap jogging stroller that really can hold your kids well when you run. One of them that I highly recommend is Schwin ( Click to see more).


 This stroller not actually travel-friendly. You may have problem to check in this stroller on an airplane. However, it might not be a problem if you travel on the road. You can fold it completely with two-easy step and it’s light. ( Click here to see budget travel-friendly jogging stroller)

  1. No parent tray– It was designed without parent tray to put your phone and other stuff
  2. Small storage space– Without parent tray and small storage space, you might have problem to keep your stuff. You probably need to buy this to organize your stuff. If you sum up the price of this organizer and stroller, still it can be within the price of budget stroller.
  3. Parents cup holder– This is one small problem with this stroller. The holding cups was pinned with the handlebar so it kept fell off when you fold it. A bit troublesome for you to fix it every time you fold it.

Click here if you want the best offer for this stroller



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I really keen to know your experience and what do you think about this stroller. And if you have any question about any stroller, you can drop your comments below or email at

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