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For a few days I try to look at the most affordable and safest jogging stroller sold in 2018.

So when I found one, it was just too amazing to be true and I do think I need to share with all my audience.

Oops.. before that, I just want to be honest. If you are hardcore runner, this jogging stroller is not for you.This stroller suits for intermediate jogger or a park-goer. Before you want to buy a stroller, you need to have knowledge what type of stroller that suits you. Not all stroller suits everybody. No worries hardcore runner, I will write the best jogging stroller for you too. You should read here to know what feature you need to consider.

If you’re NOT a hardcore runner, you don’t need to buy the hardcore one. Surely can if you want, but it’s a little bit more pricey and need more space to keep it. For me, I think this stroller suits me well enough. Plus, it’s CHEAP.

 Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

With economy joggers, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect it’s wheel to run as good as BOB or Baby Jogger. But it still operates really well among other economy joggers and it undeniably WORTH your penny. 

  • Space taken21 x 47 x 41 in and 27 lbs. It’s fairly an average weight for single jogging stroller. Plus it super easy to fold. It has effortless triggered fold and quick-release wheel for compact travel from place to place
  • Seat : Multi -position reclining paddle seat. So if you child want to relax, you can just lay the seat flat and your child can be more comfortable. It also includes swing away child tray with two cup holders which can accept any infant car seat to make your travel even more easier!  To find your infant car seat that fit perfectly, it is recommended to use 32 inches car set for 5-50 lbs and 42 inches car seat for more than 50 lbs. Sounds complicated? No worries, you can just check the perfect car seat here.

  • Wheels : Optional swivel and lock jogging wheel. If you opt for a jog, you can just lock the front wheel and if you want to stop and enjoy a walk, you can unlock the front wheel and use it as a regular stroller. The best thing about this stroller is their large wheels which can help your baby felt less bump when you jog. The key here is the larger the wheels the safer your baby would be. That’s why hardcore runner need to buy stroller with larger wheels. But for intermediate runner, this size would be nice for you.

  • Canopy : Amazingly, you can adjust the canopy if you want to prevent your child from sunlight or any elements. It has a great coverage to protect your child, it can go all the way to the front and all the way to the back. If you want to see what your child are doing, there is a window that you can open in the canopy to see. 


  • Other feature: It is so convenient for parents, there is a covered compartment storage to put your phone and your belonging and two cups holders to put your water bottle. And the STORAGE BASKET is EXTRA LARGE for you to put your child’s need!



Why you need to buy this? And why you don’t?

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t recommend this stroller for a hardcore runner. Running 5 miles a day won’t do with this stroller. If you are one of hardcore runner, you need to buy stroller with larger wheels and fixed front wheel. You also need to consider handbrake if you always go through uphills and downhills.

This stroller recommended for people with less budget and still want to have great experience maintaining their fitness. Of course this is not like fancy expensive jogging stroller. But who cares if you just run 2/3 miles two times a week? The most important thing is your child comfort and safety. And this definitely the best economic jogging stroller!

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