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There are so many stroller sold in the market. Parents usually confuse which one is the best for their kids. As you know, the price of a stroller is undeniably quite high and if you choose the wrong one it might hurt a lot. Not only it will hurt your pocket but it will hurt your baby as well. You REALLY need to choose it wisely.



So which stroller is the best? Well, there is no definitive answer to that. It actually depends on yourself. Here, I list out what are the question you need to answer before you buy a stroller.


1. What is your budget?


There are huge gap between stroller with lowest and highest price. The price maybe in the range of $15 all the way up until $1000++. So, you need to do a financial budget on how much you want to spend for your stroller


2. What is your lifestyle? 

You can be a mom that travel a lot and need a mobile stroller that can easily be fold when you in public transport. You can be a mom that enjoy a large space so you want a big and comfy stroller for your child. Or you can be a mom that loves to have sporty lifestyle and you want a stroller that sport-friendly. Everyone has different lifestyle so you really need to consider which lifestyle you are into all this while. And this is really important for you to think before you buy any stroller.

3. What features are important to you?

You might prefer to have a basket under stroller so that you can put a lot of stuff inside the basket. You might also prefer reversible seat or stroller with easy holder or stroller with double seat. It all depends you. And it actually relates in which lifestyle you are into. Here are suggestion on what features you should consider if you are:


  • Sporty-type : If you like to jog around in the evening and always maintain your fitness, you need to consider stroller that can handle bumps, bigger tire, able to lock wheel and adjustable height.
  • Travel-type  : If you always relies on public transport or if you always engage with a lot of outstation, you need to consider stroller that is lightweight, can be folded and smaller in size
  • Park-walker type : If you often walk around at the park or you love to go to shopping with your child, you need to consider stroller that is sturdy, easy to maneuver and good in suspension.



What you need to do now is to write all the answer of the question above. And you can have a look which one satisfy all of them ( or at least most of them). This can definitely help you a lot afterwards and it might avoid you to be fall by stroller that beautiful in nature but not-so-beautiful in feature.


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