Jogging strollers vs Regular strollers


You used to have kids before. And you already have regular strollers. Both of them is still in a good condition with additional feature of front wheel locks. You want to start build your fitness lifestyle again, but you sort of thinking should you buy a jogging strollers?

So, you chose not to buy it since you don’t have much money. Come to think about it, you don’t think any bad thing will happen because your baby has strong neck by now.

Wait! You must remember mama, child less than 5 years old very vulnerable to dislocate her/his neck. When it comes to run, by hook or by crook you need to buy a jogging stroller. If you don’t have much money, you can still buy the used one at craiglist and garage sales. Think this as investment for your health and your baby safety.


A strollers with different name surely will serve different feature. Here, I show you some difference between jogging and regular strollers.

  • Wheels : Jogging strollers have fixed front wheel so that it easy to control and it also has bigger wheels as compared to regular stroller
  • Seat : Wider than regular strollers and ensure your baby to sit upright. It also has more leg room for along stride.
  • Weight : Heavier than regular strollers, so you cannot put much stuff in the basket
  • Other feature : Braking system, hand strap

A lot of mamas try to use regular strollers as a jogging strollers and vice versa. Using regular strollers to run might hurt your baby and yourself. The wheels not able to hold up and it will shake your baby even more. Similarly, if you use jogging strollers as a regular strollers, it will be very very hard for you because the size of the strollers is very big and heavy for everyday use.

At the end, if you are interested to run with your babies, you should consider to have both type of strollers. You might think it such a waste of money but you must remember you can buy the used one and resell it after you done having babies.


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