Proper Jogging Technique – For Beginners


Do you ever felt cramped and worsted after your cardio routine? Well, surprisingly, there is a study stated that intensive running can shorten your life up to 12 years. But to make it natural, there is also studies stated that intensive activity level is better than sedentary activity level. So if we have all these contradict argument, what should we believe now?


Let us step and embrace real world. Don’t raise your risk of an unnecessarily premature death. Get moving. Stop looking at the data and statistics about how run can affect your health. What you really need to look into now is THE PROPER JOGGING TECHNIQUE. The thing about risk happen because you don’t know the actual dose of running and the skills behind it.

So here, I will highlight to the technique to make running benefited to you!


1) What to prepare for run?

You must follow specific routine before you start your run session to ensure your safety and avoid any injury. It’s better to have specific pre-jog checklist to keep you comfortable and free from accident.

  • Find the right shoes

Shoes that don’t perfectly fit with you will make your condition worse off and more painful. So in order for you to choose the right shoes, make sure you stand during the fitting process, try to walk around and if you feel the size is accurate but isn’t your normal size, make sure you fulfill your feeling rather than your normal size. If you usually have problem in finding the right shoes, you might need to check whether you have flat feet. People with flat fees are very vulnerable to injury, so they really need to choose their shoes wisely. And if you do have flat feet, no worries, there are still shoes available for you. You need to find shoes that can control motion and stability with firm mid soles.

  • Wear sport bra

Surprisingly, 80 percent of women in United States wearing the wrong bra. Take note girls, breasts is not like other part of your body. Breasts have no muscle so if you don’t have proper support to hold the pressure, it will be easier to sag and cause neck and back pain. Once it has sag, it means you had screw up your cooper’s ligament and unfortunately there is what so called ‘a point of no return!

  • Pre and post run snack

Pre-run : Most importantly, you need to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink 12-16 ounces of water 30 minutes before your running session. It’s better to drink green tea or coffee because it can give you energy and increase your fat burning. Please take note also, don’t run with your empty stomach. Try to fill your stomach with 150-calories snack containing mixed of carbs and protein.

Post-run : During running session, your body uses a lot of glycogen so you really need to top up it back after workout. Your meal must contain : 0.14 – 0.23 grams of protein and 0.5 – 0.7 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. You should also include a little fat like nuts and avocado in your meal to promote your muscle growth.

  • Warm up and cool down.

Warming up is a low intensity movement to increase your heart rate so that you can prepare for subsequent activity. It can help you build up your muscles, ligaments and tendons for high intensity activity. Running without proper warm up can cost you higher change of injury especially your muscles.

When you decide to stop running, you should take at least 3 – 5 minutes short walk focusing on your breath and another 5 minutes stretch on your targeted muscles. Take time to reduce the intensity of your activity will improve your blood circulation and thus prevent you from fainting and dizziness. Cool down after workout will reduce the intensity of your activity which will improve your blood circulation and prevent you from fainting and dizziness.

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2) How to control your breathing while running?

If you don’t know proper technique to breath when you run, you will put a ton of pressure to your lungs and it will slow you down. To make it simple, I list out some normal questions people ask about breath technique.


Should I breathe with my nose or my mouth?

Well, I would say both. But focus more on your mouth because breathing through your mouth relaxes the jaw which then lessen the tension throughout your body.

Should I breathe from my stomach or my chest? 

Stomach. We call it diaphragmatic breathing; a type of breath done by contracting your diaphragm which allows air enters your lungs, rise your chest and expands your belly.

What is breath cadence? 

It’s a breath routine. Make a habit to make it 3-2 steps of breath. First 3 steps – breath. Next 2 steps – exhale. Next 2 steps – exhale again. And repeat the steps all the way down. It helps you to boost energy and make you run faster.


3) Here the simple last tips. Minutes not miles!

I never target for miles. I usually set my joox playlist to 5 songs which gives me approximately 20-25 minutes each time I run. Beginners shouldn’t run for long hours because it will harm your muscles, so 5 songs would be okay for you, twice a week.

After a month, if you can capture how to run properly, you can increase your minutes and you will be surprise how many miles you can run afterwards. All the best!


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2 thoughts on “Proper Jogging Technique – For Beginners”

  1. Hi, you tips on jogging are very helpful. I use to job when I was younger and wished I purchased a good pair of trainers, I was a single parent so it was hard but I kept fit by going to the park and jogging. I never knew there was such a thing as jogging strollers you learn something new every day, but I can see it would be a good way to keep healthy with your children.

    1. Exactly Jamila. If you are a single parent, you have really HUGE responsibility to take care of year health because your children only have you in their life. I know it’s hard to find time, that’s why I suggest jogging stroller as a tool not only to maintain your fitness but it can also keeping the bond with your child. I really adore people who can raise a child by themselves. All the best for your life!

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