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Before you join some sort of ‘parents club’, you called yourself a runner. You always run and exercise to maintain your fitness. However, you find it impossible to do when you join the club. Your babies doesn’t want to be apart from you, so you don’t have the idea how to maintain your fitness as before.

You come out with the idea of jogging strollers. But you afraid, is it really safe? There are a lot of injury cases because of jogging stroller. You don’t want your kids injured just because you want to maintain your health. You happy at the expense of your baby. What a selfish parent you are! And you stop running. And when your kids grow up, you never start back. “Oh, running and exercise is just for young people”, you said. Just to comfort yourself.

Relax parents. You don’t have to overthink what will be happen. Based on statistics, of the stroller-specific injuries, most of them are boys less than a year old. How on their mind think that is okay for a young infant to sit in jogging strollers? Here we can see it’s not because of strollers ( only a few cases because of strollers, but I will share you the best stroller in the next post) but because parents do not take precaution steps before choosing jogging strollers. With advancement of internet nowadays, study showed that the number of stroller injuries has fall down, most likely due to parents awareness about product they use. Here, I give the tips to run with your babies to make sure all people safe.

1) Use jogging strollers

As simple you read it, as simple as that you must understand that not all strollers are created equal. Jogging strollers have different feature then standard strollers. The wheels of jogging strollers do not swivel and it also has a handbrake. Besides, when you run with jogging strollers, you can feel that the ride is smoother and less bouncing. It was created to help parents to hike, jog and exercise. So surely it has unique feature as compared to others.

2) Your baby must be at least 8 months

If you still a new mommie, you can just have a walk with your babies, don’t force yourself to run during that time. When your baby reach 12 weeks until 8 months, you can start to use baby stroller without infant seat. At 8 months, you need to make sure your baby has strong head control first, then you can take your jogging strollers to start your morning routine!

3) Adjust Seat

The most important part here is head control, So you need to make sure you put the seat fully upright when you jog. If you make it reclined, it may hit the back with your knees and make it less stable.

4) Lock your front wheel

Usually jogging stroller have fixed front wheel. If not, you must make sure you lock your front wheel. It is important because if you roll the stroller to a small rock, it can easily veer off and hard to be controlled.

5) Brake if you stop

If you plan to stop from running and do some physical exercise, make sure you brake first. Stroller can move even with small breeze. If you don’t brake the tire, your baby might end up blew away. Ahah!

6) Don’t wear earphone

You can if you insist to. But at least don’t wear it on both of your ears. One of your ears must pay attention to your baby’s sound. You must make sure all traffic in pedestrian clear. Besides, you cannot expect your baby will be silence all the while, they might be hungry, hot, tired or bored so you need to be alert with their needs.


As a recap, 6 things you must be aware before you want to run with your babies.

  • Use jogging strollers
  • Wait until your baby reach 8 months
  • Adjust seat
  • Lock your front wheel
  • Brake if you stop
  • Don’t wear earphone

And now, you ready to have fun with your babies. Enjoy your day!





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