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Product Review

Buying jogging stroller requires A LOT OF money. 

Yeah. I know. A LOT.

Sure, it can be part of your investment but I understand sometimes you really need a stroller that does not consume much your proportion of income.

We all have limited money in our pocket. We could not afford to buy the quality one.

Trust me, price not necessarily define quality.

If you keen to find budget jogging stroller, you can have a look at Instep, Baby Trend, Graco, and Chicco in Amazon.

You can compare the price with other sites but i can assure you that most of the time Amazon give THE BEST PRICE.

If you part of US residents, another site that gives you the best price is Walmart.

You can compare the price between each site and get the best price among all. After all, we are customer. We need to utilize our right as much as we can. Right?

So here, I want to write a review of a jogging stroller I’ve always heard people talk about- Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller.

Is it really good? What features do they offer? Is it safe? Will it suits me?

Well, here it is!

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller


  • All Terrain Air Filled Tires
  • Fixed Front Wheel Options
  • Premium Suspension
  • Ample Storage Underneath
  • UV Protection Canopy
  • Extra-Large Retractable Canopy
  • Peek-a-boo Window
  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Parent Tray
  • 5 Point Safety Harness
  • Performance Shocks


How about the ride? Is it smooth?



YES! Very smooth glide.

You can search for any review but I know all people unanimously agreed that this stroller will give you a smooth ride. You will feel lighter when it starts to roll and you would be surprised by how effective it is on the rough ground. 

I’ve actually sad with some $200 stroller that is designed as jogging stroller but not actually meant to jog. So I really put this advantage of Schwinn as my MAIN REASON WHY I CHOOSE THIS STROLLER. This stroller might not actually meant for a hardcore runner but it still serve you the best ride when you jog with it.

Schwinn really has excellent job by providing the big wheels to comprehend the bumpy track. The air filled tires and shocks also helps the ride to be smoother.


 Is it heavy?

YES. This stroller is quite heavy if compared to other stroller. You might have problem if you don’t have any manpower to help you to weight lift this stroller. But if you don’t have any problem with this, then I really encourage people to choose heavy stroller.

Heavy stroller are made to withstand extreme hills and running trails. That is part of the reason why you can feel how smooth the wheel is when it rolls on the ground.

If you want to choose jogging stroller merely to walk in the park, then it’s okay to own a light stroller. But you should choose a heavier jogging stroller if you want to use it to run. 


How about the size? Is it too big?

I will say it’s quite big. According to the manufacturer, when you set the adjustable handlebar in the highest position, the dimensions will be 43″H x 27″W x 52.5“D and if you set the adjustable handlebar to the lowest positions, the dimension will be 38″H x 27″W x 25″L.

The dimension is actually at par with BOB size. If you want to travel with it, you might need to remove the wheel to fit in to your car. The folded dimension of this stroller with the wheels on is 16″H x 26.75″W X 34.5″L and 13.25″H x 18.5″W x 32.5″L without the wheels. You can do your own math.

The good news is the wheel is quite easy to lift off but you really should consider if you have a small car. Hint: Toyota Prius still can fit in the stroller.

How about the seat?

Since this is a big stroller, your kids can enjoy a VERY LARGE and comfortable seat. It’s really compatible for tall kids who need more leg room.

You might be wondering how tall is too tall for your child to use this stroller. Well, there is no specific height limit but it is recommended to stop once the mid-point of the child’s head is above the top of stroller back. The stroller back is at 18” tall.

The seat also includes a snack tray for your child which doubles as a bassinet holder. It can be removed with the push of button so you can get your child buckled in the 5 point harness easily. Once you done, you can push the button once again to move back the tray in front of your child.

One thing you need to consider —- Upright seat. This stroller cannot let your child sit completely straight. So if you know your child would be mine if they cannot sit straight, you should consider to buy other budget stroller ( Click here to see other budget stroller).

Which car seat can fit in Schwinn?  

You can choose either models from Cosco, Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer car seat that have the Quick Click Feature.

I really recommend people to buy Cosco in order to get the best ride with your child.

 Why should I buy this stroller?


  • If you are a runner who is looking for a budget jogging stroller, THIS IS YOUR STROLLER! There’s a lot of budget jogging stroller out there which are not actually meant for jog. Most of it only designed to go to casual walk.
  • Storage basket is compatible to hold your diaper bag and shopping bag.
  • Parent dual cup holders and compartment are provided. If you buy Graco ( one of budget stroller), you need to buy your own attachment. You will have a problem to hold your phone and your water bottle at the same time. Sure, you can put in the storage underneath but it will be a lot more easier if you can put it close to you. Buying Schwinn will save your money to buy separate attachment.
  • It has really large canopy to protect your child’s eyes from the sun and wind.

Why you shouldnt

  • If you are the one who buys jogging stroller that is not actually meant for run, this stroller might not suit you. It does give you the best and smooth ride but you probably have problem when it comes with size and weight. I suggest you to grab Baby Expedition. The price is cheaper and it really suits for everyday stroller. Unless you don’t care much about weight rather choose your child comfort, then it’s okay to choose this stroller.
  • When you choose cheap stroller, you need to accept the material they are using. Mostly are made by plastic. But it still sturdy and safe for your child. As I said just now, price not necessarily define quality, right?



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