Top 5 Best Jogging Strollers for Tall Parents – 2018 Review

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For past few days, I keep receiving questions about which jogging strollers that can fit with tall parents. I’ve thinking instead of replying one by one, it’s better for me to create a post which can benefit all tall parents outside there who have been curious and searching for the best jogging stroller.

As I always mention in my post, before you want to buy a stroller, you need to have knowledge which stroller suits you well enough. Different person has a different lifestyle, budget and priority. That’s why we need to grab the knowledge first before you actually invest in a stroller. Jogging stroller is quite a big investment, right? So, you really need to take the best decision in choosing the best stroller.

I know if you intend to read this post you probably one of those tall parents. It’s either you or your spouse or both of you are tall parents. Each situation will come up with different types of jogging stroller that fit you. The key for you to take note are only two things:

  • Adjustable hand bar
  • Wider distance between rear wheel

If both of you tall, you don’t have to bother much about the hand bar. But if one of you not tall enough, you should consider to choose jogging stroller with adjustable hand bar. It’s actually better for you to buy a stroller with both features but as I said earlier, ask yourself what lifestyle you are into.

With some basic knowledge about jogging stroller that suits you, this is my recommendation which jogging stroller you should choose in 2018.


  1. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller, Black
  • Why you should buy?     

The seat is SO comfortable for your child. The material they are using is durable and easy to clean. 2016 models has more upright seat as compare to before, so your child don’t need to hold upright by grabbing the awkwardly placed tray. It also embedded with 5 point harness which can support them better. 

– I love when they update their adjustable padded handlebar. It offers up until 9 different positions to create the perfect fit for parents of all height.

– Such a smooth ride because they have adjustable suspension system and high impact polymer wheels. 

  • Why shouldn’t you?

– I’ve heard a lot of parents comment about the weight of this stroller. Actually, if we compare to other jogging strollers, we can see that most stroller on average has the same weight as this stroller. However, if you have problem with heavy thing or your car couldn’t afford to keep this one, you should re-consider back what type of stroller you intend to buy. Plus, there are still jogging stroller with less than 25 lbs in the market if you want one. 

– The canopy unnecessarily stays all the way down so you might face troubles with it. It can be adjusted but the problem comes when you jog early in the morning, the sun is at such a low angle that it might sneak in under your canopy. Your child might feel uncomfortable with it. However, I think it’s better for you to let your child feel the breeze of sunrise as a whole since it’s good for their health.

No handbrake. If you always jog at uphill and downhill of the road, I do not suggest this stroller. You should buy a stroller with handbrake to control your stroller speed when you jog. 

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   2.  Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

  • Why should you buy? 

– It might not fancy as BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX  but this stroller is so much worth and you really will be impressed how sturdy this stroller can be at such affordable price. Some said the strength is actually at par with BOB. You can check the review of the users here if you still doubt about it

Adjustable handle for the perfect push. It might not serve many positions as much as BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX J, but it does help tall and short people to feel comfortable. 

Adequate storage. The storage under the stroller is very large and easy to access. If you use this when you walk in the park or other location, it will easily hold your diaper bag and other essential things. 

Super smooth ride. You will be surprised by how light you will feel when the wheels rolls. Even when you use it for walking on the rough ground, the ride is remarkably effective. It has a toe touch brakes system at the bottom that convenient to use. If you the type of person who runs on the hill, this stroller actually fit you more as compared with BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX ,

  • Why shouldn’t you?

Again, extra large canopy. Sun might directly sneak into the canopy early in the morning. Plus, the peek-a-boo flap in the canopy is hard to fold and stay. So, it is either you fold the canopy or you cannot see your child at all. 

– The size of its wheels is too big. When you fold the stroller to put it in your car, you might need to remove the wheel first. But this problem is not a huge deal because the process to lever and lift off is super easy for this stroller. However, you still need to consider if you want to make this stroller as everyday use stroller given its super heavyweight ( 35 lbs) and it’s large size. 

I would say this stroller is suitable for hardcore runner. If you are a hardcore runner, you must own a heavy stroller because it will give pressure to the wheels to move smoother. You want to be healthy, you need to invest!

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      3. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

  • Why should you buy?

Fold-friendly. You can fold and unfold this stroller with just one hand. It will be SUPER easy for you especially when you need to hold your kid’s bag with another hand.

Hiking-friendly. I think this is the best feature ever. You can swivel lock and park brake all from the adjustable handlebar. Most strollers put brakes at the bottom so you will always be anxious to accidentally kick the brakes while running. With this stroller, you can put aside your anxiety and having the best experience of running!

Disneyland-friendly: The size is not as big as other jogging strollers. Disney has set up rules for strollers to come in must be smaller than 36 inches x 52 inches. Provided that this stroller still below maximum size of Disney strollers, this stroller is definitely qualified to enter Disneyland. Plus, it still offers great protection while walking the crowded streets of Disneyland.

  • Why shouldn’t you?

To be honest, I don’t know what to say when I write this. This stroller has the best testimony as compared to other’s stroller. All people give positive feedback after they buy this stroller. The only drawback is it is too big when it folded which I can say that’s what all people say to all jogging stroller. In fact, this stroller is actually the lightest jogging stroller among all that I have suggested though the size is a little bit.

But I cannot say this is the best strollers because such might happen because there’s not so much people actually buy this, so less buyer less complaint. I can’t say anything because I don’t have any experience with this stroller. ( If you do then you can just comment at the bottom of the page so that all community can be benefited from it)

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      4. Thule Urban Glide – Jogging Stroller

  • Why should you buy? 

– The weight is less than average of other jogging strollers. If you want to use jogging stroller as everyday use stroller, this TOTALLY should be your stroller. The way it folds is simple and easy, once you do it automatically it will be your second nature. But if you want lighter and smaller stroller, you should opt for Thule Glide – Performance .

The storage compartment. It’s larger as compare to others and it fully recovered. This is one of its unique features. You hardly could find a stroller with covered storage. If you go to the market or having sightseeing in the park, it’s better to know your stuff are protected from sun and bugs, right? 

Adjustable handlebar with three different positions. 

– Because Thule is a large competitor and threat to BOB, people start to compare this stroller with BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX and most people prefer this model as compared to BOB. Well, obviously it’s not unanimous consent but if we look at the reviews, they think Thule is at par with BOB stroller but the price has a HUGE difference. So Thule is slightly better option due to its cost. 

  • Why shouldn’t you?

Here the dark side. 5% of parents bought this stroller has problem with its front wheel. The wheel is a little bent to the side so if you don’t adjust it right, you will feel it’s out of alignment. The reason this stroller design like this might be because the wheel folds flat when it’s collapsed. Thule skimped out its engineering in the front hub of the system and made it too loose. If you want to make it better, you need to run more with this stroller so you will get used to adjust it right.

Small seat. The seat is a little bit narrow for a bigger child and there is no cushion to support your child’s head. If you don’t want them to hit their heads against the frame of the strollers, you need to buy the cushion yourself. 

– There’s no storage compartment at your handlebar. Surely you can hold all your belongings in the compartment below but if you are that type of person who prefers your belongings near to you, it might be a problem.

This stroller is actually one of the best Amazon choices so far that I see, so if you interested you should never hesitate to clichere to get THE BEST OFFER! 


5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

  • Why should you buy?

As what it named, this stroller is designed to be light jogging stroller. It would be easy for you to bring this to go shopping or sight seeing and the process to fold it is extremely easy. However, if compared to Thule Urban Glide – Jogging Stroller, this stroller is slightly heavy. 

Exactly the perfect stroller for tall parents. It has taller handlebar for taller parents with 46 inch height. However, they didn’t include feature to adjust the handlebar so it might not good for short parents. 

Extra wide and high seat to give the child great visibility. Your child can watch the shows or any scenery with enjoyment. It also tall enough to be pulled up to a table when you eat in the restaurant. If your child insist to sleep or be more relax, you can just adjust the seat since it has multi-position seat recline. 

  • Why shouldn’t you? 

Same problem as always. The issue of front wheel. You need and MUST tighten your front wheel each time you jog or else your front wheel will loosen over time. 

– The canopy is too big for taller child. However if your child okay with the canopy touching their back head, I don’t think this will be a problem for you. Some child likes to feel the canopy fabric behind their back. Sort of like a pillow to them. So you should know your children first before you buy this. 

Though the weight is light, the size might get you stunt. This stroller is BIG. Slightly big as compared to other jogging strollers. You need to consider ‘is it fit if you have small car?’. But it definitely will give you more stability especially for tall parents because it has wider space between rear wheel.

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If you have any inquiries or thought you want to share, I’m more than happy to hear it. Comment at the comment box below or you can send email to me at



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  1. This is some great information. I love how you laid everything out in such an easy to understand way. I’m not very tall, but my husband is and the idea of a good jogging stroller with an adjustable hand bar is great. We don’t currently have a jogging stroller but we will most likely be getting one soon so I will definitely be taking your recommendations into consideration.

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