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The first step and the most important step to buy jogging strollers is to acquire knowledge about it. I can see a lot of parents out there complaint when they buy stroller that against their interest. In one review I read, one parent comment about jogging stroller designed with fixed front wheel. Actually to be fair, a jogging stroller with fixed front wheel is designed for serious runner. So if you’re not a serious runner but you intend to buy such jogging stroller, you might felt uncomfortable and started to complain. Let’s make our life simple by acquiring knowledge first. Click here to get the stroller tips.Before I start to give review about the best double jogging stroller, you need to know the norm range of a double jogging stroller. 

Weight30-45 lbs
Length28-40 in
Width30-45 in
Height30-50 in
Capacity Limit90-100 lb

Please take note that I’m not arranged this list in sequence. I will never do so because everyone has their own preference that I cannot determine which is the best for all people. Have a look at this list and ask yourself which one you interested.


1. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Why should you buy?

  • This definitely should be your choice if you looking for a budget stroller. Baby Trends is known as a budget stroller and although there’s a lot of negative comment about their stroller, you should look the review of this stroller. So far, most people seem satisfied with the feature and not much comment about it.
  • You don’t have to worry much how to carry this stroller because it’s SUPER LIGHT ( only 25 lbs). The height and length also at average. 
  • One of the best feature: the parent tray comes with MP3 Speakers! Now you can just plug your iPhone cable or mp3 player to the speakers and you can enjoy the best experience for your run.
  • You will totally love how the canopy can rotate to cover your child from the sun at any angle. 

Why shouldn’t you? 

  • To compare with dimension of other double jogging strollers, the width of this stroller is slightly above the average. You may not be able to use it as a primary stroller to go to doctor’s office, stores, etc. But it definitely the best stroller to use it in outdoor activity.
  • The front wheel is not as good as BOB or Thule. I will give 6/10 if it fixed. However, if you’re not a serious runner this not gonna be your problem much. In fact, you’re going to feel very smooth when you ride with swivel wheel.
  • No tray for your children. For some people this might be problem, but no worries because you can attach cup-holder to the side to put their bottles. You don’t even have to un-attach it when you fold this stroller up. 
  • If you below than 5’0”, you should look at other stroller. This stroller do not come up with adjustable hand bar so you will have problem to bring this stroller. 


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2.  BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie

Why should you buy?

  • For parents who didn’t care much about budget, BOB should be the one. Actually you should put aside your budget because the most crucial thing for you to look at first is QUALITY. When quality is well preserved, you can resale it at high value. The resale value of this stroller is insane! You can use it 2-3 years and get 65% of your money back if you use it wisely.
  • To compare with other BOB stroller, this stroller is the lightest. But take note that it is still heavy since it’s a double stroller.
  • You will never worry about your height difference any longer.This stroller includes adjustable padded handlebar which gives you chance to adjust 9 different position and create the perfect fit for parents of all heights.
  • Large storage. The storage underneath is large and perfect for storing your child’s stuff.
  • Compare to other BOB, the sit is a little bit more upright. I think the mechanism to sit the seats up and recline them is a lot more easier to use. Your child can enjoy sight-seeing and watching show at the zoo a lot more with this stroller. 

Why shouldn’t you?

  • The width is slightly more than average. If you have a small car, you should re-consider your decision to choose this stroller. To make it clear, the folded dims with wheels on (W x H x D) = 77.5 x 44.5 x 101.6, and if you take the wheels off it will be = 26 x 16 x 33. Do your own math to know whether you car can make it or not. Hint: Honda civic would be perfect.
  • No handbrake. If you run on hills, this stroller is a big no no for you. You should consider to buy BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie
  • No tray for parents. Instead, BOB gives you mesh pocket at the back of each seat for you to throw your keys/phone/etc.

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3. Thule Urban Glide – Double Jogging Stroller

Why should you buy? 

  • Slightly cheaper than BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX but it definitely stand at par with BOB especially in terms of quality. It’s actually good for non-budget consumers to choose whether to buy BOB or Thule because each offers different unique feature. The material they used as compared to BOB is slightly different and it depends on you to choose depends on your interest.
  • Adjustable handle bar. You can adjust the height to fit you perfectly. Suitable for parents with different height difference.
  • Super light. I mean it. SUPER. I thought the lightest double jogging stroller is Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger (25 lbs) but when I look at Thule, I extremely surprised by how light it is (23 lbs). Plus, it’s compact. The dimensions can fit the normal door so you can happily make this stroller as you primary stroller. It can folds up easily even when you pop off the wheels. 
  • Extremely easy to maneuver. Usually heavy stroller gives you better smoothness when you ride. But no worries, this stroller gives you really smooth ride and you will feel very light when pushing it loaded up. Also, no problem with front wheels. It works great. 
  • Large storage space. It will fit a median to large diaper bag for two people. 

Why shouldn’t you?

  • The brake. A lot of people complain about how worse the foot brake is. It’s difficult to activate as it sticks together and it’s poorly engage. For this thing, BOB performed better. Though it offers handbrake as second option, foot brake is important for you to park your stroller.
  • Not suitable if you push one child. If one of your child like to mingling around exploring the world, another child will not be comfortable sitting in the stroller alone. It’s not stable. However, you can put any stuff that equivalence to your child’s weight if you want to make it stable.
  • The seat are a bit too narrow. If you have stockier child, you need to test it out in a store first before you actually buy it.

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4. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3

Why should you buy?

  • Easy to fold.This stroller are designed with fold technology which allows you to fold your double jogging stroller in only one step. Plus, you will find that it’s super easy to carry because of the two carrying straps.
  • Hand break. Suits for people who run a lot on hills.
  • The canopies is better than BOB. You can pull the canopy very far forward to protect your child when sun start to go down with extremely smooth movement.
  • The handlebar is NOT FOAM. They use rubber as their material and it is super comfortable. In case you hate to touch a foam handlebar with your sweaty hand ( which I’m sure you were), this could be a plus for you to choose this stroller.
  • You don’t need to buy double parent console because of the center bar. You can use your single stroller parents console as it doesn’t need to reach all the way across the double width. Another way to save your money.
  • The seats are very roomy and quite big for your bigger child. And your child also will love this stroller because the seat are really upright compared to BOB. This stroller will let them enjoy the view when you go sight-seeing.

Why shouldn’t you?

  • Same problem with Thule but a bit better than Thule. The foot break. It wasn’t as smooth as BOB. It will not cost you much if you wear running shoes. But you probably have hard time to take the break off in flip-flops. No worries, you have second option if you don’t really mind. The hand brake.
  • Tires. Most users have problem with the inflatable tires. You’ll always have to be prepared for air filled tires.It might spoiled you. You need to keep your eyes on the tires to make sure they stay full. Other option, you can call Baby Jogger to replace other tire if you have such problem.
  • Heavy. You may didn’t notice when you push it as it is extremely smooth on the road. But problem comes when you want to pack and unpack the stroller.Unless you don’t care to do some deadlifts, then it will not bother you much.


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5. Baby Trend – Double Jogger, Millennium

Why should you buy?

  • This is another stroller for you to consider if you run on a budget stroller. I put this as one of the top because there’s a lot of people still buying this stroller and I’ve heard less complain about this stroller as I’d heard about other Baby Trend’s stroller. So yeah, why not?
  • Same goes with Baby Trend Expedition , there is MP3 speaker plug-in for you to hear any song from your Iphone or MP3 player while you run.
  • Folds easily. You don’t have to take the wheel off  while you fold up and it still can fit your Accord car.
  • No separation between the seats. I wonder to put this under should or shouldn’t buy. Actually it depends on your child. Some child are happy to hold hands and cuddle together so it will be a bonus feature for your child. But there also kids who hate to slide with each other and it may result in whining and crying. Ask yourself. You know better. 

Why shouldn’t you?

  • Though it easy to fold up, you might have a problem with its weight. Its heavy. Not heavy as much as Baby Jogger but still you need to put this problem as your consideration.
  • There is no holding bar or tray for your child. It may be hard for you to put anything for them. For me, I don’t mind much because kids will be more comfortable without anything in front of them. Don’t worry much about their safety because there is 5 point safety harness in each seat which can hold them well. 
  • Same problem every stroller. The front wheel. For some users, they have problem with the front wheel as it quite bent leftwards. You can either call Baby Trend to replace the new one or you can easily fixed it with pliers. I’ve heard a users who repair it by himself, just a little bit adjustment with pliers and he didn’t have any problem after then.
  • The storage underneath is quite small. Though there’s a lot of other storage on top but it might be a problem for you to put your child’s diapers. 

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What’s your Top Double Jogging Strollers? I’m really keen to hear from my reader which one you prefer. Comment below or you can email me at support@marsjoggingstroller for your opinion. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Perfect timing, my niece just had a baby and we wanted to get her a jogging stroller as a baby gift. I am seriously considering the Thule Urban Glide – Double Jogging Stroller. I really like that one. Do you know if it will lay completely flat for an infant? Also, does that come with a rain cover? I remember taking my kids for a jog when they were little and we used the rain cover quite a bit. Thanks for posting this, it’s very timely for me.

  2. Hi
    I think this is a great idea and a very detailed post.
    You have detailed the jogging strollers and so many to choose from.
    Its not just for parents but young grandma’s like me as we like to keep fit also:)
    I think it is a great idea to be able to jog with your stroller as it also makes pushing a stroller more interesting and fun.
    Thanks for the interesting read 🙂

    1. Yes Sharon. We need to take care of our health because our child will always need us. You think you sacrifice your health for your child is considered a positive thing but really it’s not. Your child will always need you even when they have their own babies. Health is investment.

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